"V" Guiding

Fabric Belt "V" Guiding


“V” Guiding Flat Belt Conveyors

  • “V” Guide is a Cleat on the Slider Bed Side of the Belt that Runs in a Groove on the Drive and Idler Rollers.
  • “V” Guiding is Used to Insure Tracking of the Belts.
  • “V” Guiding is Recommended on Wide Conveyors
  • “V” Guiding is Recommended when Parts are Transferring 90 Degrees to Travel or a Side Load is be Applied to the Belt.
  • Most Fabric Belts can be “V” Guided, Please Consult Factory for your application
  • Cannot  “V” Guide a Transfer Nosebar

"V" Guided Rollers

"V" Guided Cleat on Backside of Conveyor Belt

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