Special Design Conveyors

Special Design Conveyors

Direct Conveyors has Designed and Built many Different Custom Designed Solutions. Below are Some Examples of the Applications. Contact us to Discuss Your Custom Application

Low Profile Chain Driven Live Roller 6” From Floor to Top of Roller

Pivoting Flat Belt Conveyor with Manual Hydraulic Height Adjustment

Flat Belt Conveyor in a Stamping Application that will Slide In and Out To Adjust for Customer’s Different Size Die Sets

Flat Belt Conveyor with Remote Motor Mounting for De-Mag Application

Heavy Duty Steel Conveyor with Modular Plastic Belt for High Abrasive Application

Driven Roller Conveyor with a Timing Belt Transfer

Flat Belt and Dual Lane Timing Belt System with Lift Gate to Re-Circulate a Mold to an Oven

Dual Flat Belt System with Two Pop Up Transfers To Handle a Custom Pallet

Four Lane Flat Belt Conveyor with Special Slider Bed for Flatness

Flat Belt Conveyor Handling Parts Discharged from CNC Machine

Bearing Handling System with Two Discharge Conveyors that Automatically Lower into Good Parts Container to Minimize Part Drop and Damage

High Speed Vision Application with Part Turn Over Chute so Customer Could Inspect Both Sides of the Parts

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