Non-Synchronous Pallet Conveyor Double Speed

100 Series DS-LBP Non-Synchronous Pallet Conveyor

100 Series DS-LBP Non-Synch Pallet Conveyor Specifications




  • Width Selectable
  • Lengths up to 9144mm (30’)
  • Pallets can be provided by Customer or Direct Conveyors
  • Non-Synchronous
  • Stops / Locates Available
  • 90 Degree Transfers Available
  • Leading Edge Transfers Available




  • Low Back Pressure System
  • Double Speed Feature Moves Quickly to the Next Station
  • Good for Machine Tending
  • Low Profile
  • Heavy Wall Extrusion
  • Dual “T” Slots (8.1mm) on Bottom Side to Mount Supports or Stands
  • “T” Slots (8.1mm) on Both Sides to Mount Side rails or Accessories
  • Bright Anodized Extrusion
  • Side Rails, Stands and Accessories Available


Series 100 DS-LBP Video

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100 Series LBP End Drive Conveyor

100 Series LBP End Drive Conveyor

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