Types of Mechanisms


  • Part & Pallet Stops
  • Pushers
  • Crowders
  • Lift & Locate
  • 90 Degree Transfers
  • Pop Up Transfer
  • Diverters
  • Part Orienter
  • Elevator / Lowerators


Direct Conveyors has both Standard and Custom Designed Mechanisms for your Conveying Application. Direct Conveyors can Provide Extend and Retract Sensors Upon Request. Contact us to Discuss Your Application

Mechanisms Examples

Pneumatic Pusher

Metering Stops

Pneumatic Tray Locator

Pneumatic Elevator with Flat Belt Conveyor

Pneumatic Tray Transfer via Rodless Cylinder

Pop Up Stops

Metering Stops with Pallet Stabilizer

Pop Up 90 Degree Live Roller Transfer Conveyor (Driven Roller)

Pop Up Stop with Lift and Locate

Non Powered 90 Degree Transfer

Pop Up 90 Degree Transfer with Flat Belt Conveyor

Pneumatic Part Diverter

Electric Elevator / Lowerator with Dual Lane Timing Belt Conveyor

Pneumatic Elevator / Lowerator with Dual Lane Chain Conveyor

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