74 Series Flat Belts

74FBSeries Center Drive Flat Belt Conveyors

74FB Series Center Drive Specifications


  • Frame Height: 74mm (3”)
  • Widths: 96mm—1200mm (3.8” - 48”)
  • Lengths:  914mm — 12192mm  (3 - 40 ft)
  • Speeds: Up to 400 FPM
  • Loads Up to 600 lbs
  • Sealed Bearings
  • 20mm Diameter Drive Shaft
  • Welded Endless Belts
  • Metric Fasteners
  • Variable  or Fixed Speed
  • Optional  “V” Guides Belts
  • Optional 25mm (1”) Transfer Nose
  • Optional Multiple Lane Single Drive


  • Higher Load Capacities
  • Drive Can be Moved up and Down the Conveyor
  • Center Drive Leaves Entrance and Exit Unobstructed
  • Belt is the Highest Point Allows you to Pass Part Wider
  • than the Conveyor
  • Heavy Wall Extrusion
  • Fully Assembled Ready to Install
  • Dual “T” Slots (8.1mm) for More Mounting Area
  • Longer Bearing Holders for More Take Up
  • Bright Anodized Extrusion


74FB Series Center Drive Flat Belt Motor Inline




74FBSeries Center Drive Flat Belt Motor Right Angle





25mm Nose Bar 74FB Series 

Flat Belt Conveyor



Standard Sizes (74FB Series Center Drive Standard)


FW (Frame Width - 20mm (.790”) = BW (Belt Width)

OAL (Overall Length) = Conveyor Tip to Tip

Frame Widths over 400mm Require “V” Guided Belts

Clamp Style Bearing are Used on Widths over 400mm and High Speed Applications

Transfer Nose Bars on Idler Ends Only

Transfer Nose Bars on Conveyor Speeds Less Than 75 Feet Per Minute




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