Timing Belt Conveyors

48TB Series Timing Belt Conveyors

48TB Series Timing Belts Specifications




  • Belt Widths: 32mm (1.25”), 50mm (2”), 75mm (3”), 100mm (4”)
  • Note: Consult Factory for Widths up to 15”
  • Lengths:  406mm — 12,192mm  (16” - 40ft)
  • Speeds: Up to 400 FPM
  • Loads Up to 800 lbs
  • Cleats and Fixtures Available
  • Sealed Bearings
  • Metric Fasteners
  • Variable  or Fixed Speed
  • Optional Multiple Lane Single Drive
  • Spline Shaft for Adjustable Lane Position




  • Low Profile
  • Heavy Wall Extrusion
  • Dual “T” Slots (8.1mm) for More Mounting Area
  • Bright Anodized Extrusion
  • Sprocket Driven for Positive Belt Engagement
  • Wide Variety of Belt Compositions and Styles
  • Modular Construction for Simple Belt Change
  • Higher Load Capacities and Longer Lengths


Drive Styles:


  • No Drive
  • Direct Drive
  • End Drive
  • Servo / Stepper
  • Special Design


Timing Belt Conveyors can be Used when Precise Product Placement and Component Positioning are Required. Belts are Endless and Wire Reinforced to Minimize Stretching. The Pulley Driven System can Be “V” Guided to Eliminate the Flanges on the Pulleys. Contact us to Discuss Your Application.

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Spline Shaft for Adjustable Lane Position

48 Series Dual Lane Conveyor Used as Pop Conveyor

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